Leilani Lanes To Be Demolished in Spring 2006

Sad news from Seattle… according to an article in the Seattle Times, Leilani Lanes has been sold to a real estate developer, who plans to demolish it to make way for an apartment and retail complex. Leilani Lanes, open since 1961, had been owned by a collective of families; the same group also owns the non-tiki but very cool Sunset Lanes in Seattle, which has not been sold. Leilani Lanes was sold for $6.25 million to Michael R. Mastro, who also bought the adjoining property. Mastro plans to build a new complex with 363 apartment units and 62,000 sq. ft. … Continue reading Leilani Lanes To Be Demolished in Spring 2006

Trader Vic's Adding Locations

After closing many locations during the mid-’90s, Trader Vic’s is now opening new ones. Trader Vic’s had continued to expand outside the United States, but the situation here had looked bleak. A few years back a new location opened in Palo Alto to lukewarm reviews, and a new location in San Francisco opened a few months ago. The latest new locations that have been confirmed are Bellevue (just East of Seattle) and Las Vegas, with other cities rumored to be targets for more expansion. If the new San Francisco location is any indication, the new restaurants will have plenty of … Continue reading Trader Vic's Adding Locations

Rethinking Leilani Lanes

On a recent return visit to my hometown, Seattle, I happened to pop into Leilani Lanes, an old bowling alley in the north end of town. I’d spent many a tipsy early-20s evening at Leilani Lanes, and for years I’ve been steering tikiphiles away from it, saying any cool stuff must have been torn out. Boy, was I wrong: the building itself is actually pretty impressive, not showy by Southern California standards, but considering its location and how far away from the city center it was when it was built in the ’60s, it’s not bad at all. The fountain … Continue reading Rethinking Leilani Lanes